Back from Kansas City… No Big Camera Allowed!

I just spent the last few days in the Kansas City, MO area.  I was lucky enough to get away on this little trip without the hubby and the kids.  Went to visit my Mom and enjoy some time of rest.  I didn’t even bring my big Canon camera!!!   (I did manage to sneak my little point and shoot in)  How did this go?  Positives:  I got so much done!  I saw some amazing television shows I didn’t even know were around.  I saw the world with a different view (not the viewfinder).  I was even able to kind of figure out how to crochet.   Negatives:  Because I was able to see the world differently I saw thousands of picture taking opportunities all around me!!  Would I bring the camera next time??  Probably…. but then I probably wouldn’t use it.   Isn’t that how it always goes?

I was able to capture this image of the 1835 Sharp-Hopper Log Cabin.  This cabin was located in the Burnt District.  I love, love, love the sunflare in this photo!!


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