Boudoir: Capturing Your Beauty in and Out

Boudoir photography is so much fun!  I love being able to bring out your natural beauty both in and out!  When you can see through a woman’s eyes and they flash that beautiful smile I truly believe it’s like seeing her soul.  It puts a smile on my face when my clients get their images.   Even the most insecure of women are often surprised by how beautiful they really are.     If you are thinking of surprising your boyfriend or husband but have been too chicken….. all I can say is just do it!     I have several kids and have packed on a few pounds over the years.   I too was embarrassed and chicken to put myself in such a vulnerable position.  Recently, I myself had my first boudoir shoot.   I have to admit it was liberating!   I actually felt beautiful again.  I can honestly say that I think all women should give it a try…. what do you have to lose?  I can guarantee you will be pleased and your special “someone” will be thrilled!


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