52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 3 “Light”

This year I’ve decided to be part of a 52 week photo challenge.   The main goal is to get out there and shoot!!  I am doing this challenge with a few other photography friends.  My goal is to try to blog each post so that I am held accountable for my project!  This will be my first blog post for the challenge. Some weeks will be easier than others as life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.   There are no rules…. just to get out there and shoot something.  We have a little list of ideas to go off of for inspiration.   Our first week was “Shine and Sparkle”.  Week two was “White”.  And this week’s challenge was  “Light”.   I had quite a few photographs to choose from this week but strangely enough my favorite was an iPhone photo of the bubbles in our bathtub.   I didn’t have my big camera handy and just loved the way the light was reflecting off of the bubbles.  My goal for the next weeks challenge is to make sure I use my “big” camera as much as possible.   January for most of us photographers is a pretty slow month.   It’s the month where I spend a lot of time on me…. I read books, watch movies and do personal photo projects.   It’s my time to recharge and do all of the things I just never seem to have time for the rest of the year.   Hopefully, I can keep this challenge going all year long.  I hope you will follow my 52 week photo challenge throughout the year.   Enjoy!

bubbles lightwm

Feel free to check out some of my friends photo challenges as well.  Here’s my friend Brandi’s post from this week as well!  http://brandiwilliamsonphotography-theblog.com/?p=3492

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