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52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Delicate

Whoo hoo!  I’ve made it to week 8 of my 52 Week Photo Challenge!  I’m really hoping I can stick with this all year long.   This weeks photo challenge subject was Delicate.   My immediate first thought of delicate was to take a photo of a flower.  For those that know me though I buy myself flowers all the time just to take pictures of them.  I decided that I would rather do something totally different than I normally do.  So, I asked my 14-year-old son what he thinks of when he hears the word delicate.   His first answer was glass.  Then he suggested fine china.  All great ideas.  His third idea though struck a chord and I knew it was the perfect photo for the challenge….. he suggested a ballerina!    Love, love, loved that idea.   I was lucky enough to get a couple of very sweet volunteers to help me with this shoot.   Haha!  Clearly no one in my house can dance!   I chose to do both an indoor and outdoor shoot to capture it in totally different ways.   I have to give props to Megan who stood out in 11 degree weather with me.  She wore only her ballet shoes, a tutu and leo and didn’t complain once!  Both of these girls are amazing young ladies and I am so impressed and maybe a tad envious of their talent!  Here you go: Delicate!

I am part of an amazing group of photographers (and friends) that are all doing this weekly photo challenge with me.  If you are interested feel free to check out my friend Megan’s work as well!


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