texture week 10

52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 10 Texture

I have had an insanely busy week.  I would have loved the opportunity to get outside to try to get some shots for this week’s photo challenge but that just never happened.  This weeks topic for our 52 Week Photo Challenge was “texture.”   Honestly, texture is all around us so it wasn’t really too hard to find something to photograph.  That being said, I wanted it to be something I actually enjoyed.  I know, I ‘m a little weird but I was kinda hoping for some mold or something in my fridge to take pictures of.  Well, we keep too clean of a fridge…. so that wasn’t going to happen!  Haha… you just had a little insight as to how a photographers brain works!!  Yes, I actually thought mold would be cool.   Anyhow, last year I bought this green mossy looking basket to use for newborn pictures.  I absolutely love the colors and texture in it.   Unfortunately, I rarely use it for newborn shoots because it has a tendency to make a mess and it likes to snag my blankets as well.  I still can’t make myself toss it out though.  Why?   Because, I love the texture in it!   So, here it is… my green mossy basket full of glorious texture!   Enjoy!   Feel free to check back every week for our 52 Week Photo Challenge.

Oh, and I am part of an amazing group of photographers across the country that are also participating in this challenge with me.  If you would like to check out the talented, Sonia Hernandez.  http://www.mystoryphoto.com/blog/2015/3/finding-me-week-10



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