signs of spring

Project 52: Week 16 Signs of Spring

Signs of spring!!!  Does that mean spring is finally here?   Week 16 of my 52 Week Photo Challenge is all about the signs of spring.  I set out with my camera the other day to search my yard and see what I could find that screamed spring.   Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting to find much since the Chicagoland area is still a little bland right now.  Wow!   I was actually pleasantly surprised by how many signs of spring there were.   I was able to find two bird nests.   For the first time we don’t have Robins living in our tree.  This year a morning dove has moved in.   She’s not nearly as protective as the robin momma’s were.  That being said, her babies aren’t as cute either.  I found tons of buds on all of my plants.   My Jane Magnolia tree is getting really close to having big beautiful pink flowers.   The magnolia tree is without a doubt the most photographed tree in my yard.   The flowers only last such a short time but they are incredibly beautiful.  I also have new grass starting to come up.  It’s nice to know that my dog didn’t totally trash my yard over winter!!    Get outside… go see what you can find!  Beauty and signs of spring are all around you too!

I am part of an amazing group of talented photographers that are also taking place in this photo project.   Complete the circle by checking out my friend over at Brandi Williamson Photography

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