Project 52: Week 22 Curiosity

I’ve managed to do 20 out of 22 weeks so far this year in my 52 Week Photo Challenge.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately with my personal shooting but I promise I’m working on getting back on track!!   This weeks challenge topic was curiosity.   I took some photos of my goofy nephew the last time I saw him that I thought fit this topic perfectly.  You see, he is full of curiosity.  At four he is energetic, goofy, fun, sometimes shy and sometimes crazy.  He has this thing about him where he tries to pretend I’m not talking to him … he ignores me but then takes a little peek because his curiosity gets the better of him!  I was trying to get a photo of him on this particular day and he downright refused.  He tucked his head deep into the couch.  After a couple of short moments he was too curious and had to take a peek.  He just had to know if I was still there trying to get his picture.  Well, I don’t give up that easily and was able to capture a couple of sweet cell phone photos that I hold dear 🙂    Enjoy!


I am part of an amazing group of photographers that are also taking place in this photo challenge along with me.   Feel free to check out their posts as well by following the blog circle!

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