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Ms. A and her Beautiful Belly | Sarah Jastre Photography | Plainfield, IL

I have to admit that I typically like to shoot maternity photographs outdoors.  I just feel like I have more versatility and space to capture the beautiful belly!!   Lately, however, I’ve been trying to focus on some indoor maternity photography.  I’ve really been liking these backlit images.   I feel like it really captures the most perfect pregnancy belly.   I think the human body is so amazing.  Back in the day when I had my kids people just didn’t do maternity photography.  Heck, back then we wore loose clothes and tried to hide our belly.  I wish things were different back then.   I miss not having photographs like these to document my pregnancy.   This special Momma was due with her second baby and looked amazing as ever.   I hope that she will cherish these photos for a long time and look back on her pregnancy fondly!

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Sarah Jastre Photography is located in Plainfield, Illinois.   Sarah has a home based studio where she typically shoots newborn and small children.   In the cold months she can make small family and maternity sessions work indoors as well.  In the summer months Sarah prefers to photograph her clients outdoors.   She shoots as many local parks in Plainfield, Lockport and Naperville.  To book a session with Sarah email her at

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