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Baby S Newborn | Sarah Jastre Photography |Plainfield, IL

Baby S recently had her newborn photos taken.  I was pretty excited to take her photos as 3 years ago I took her big brothers photos as well!   Her big brother seemed pretty darn excited to have a new baby sister.   He held her and kissed her and was so gentle with her.   Baby S is most definitely going to have someone to protect and look over her as she gets older.  Baby S slept so good for her session and even managed to give us a couple of sleepy baby smiles.  I am super excited to be seeing Baby S for all of her first year portraits.   I can’t wait to watch her little personality develop and see how big she gets.  It will be extra special to be able to see her big brother at these sessions as well!

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Sarah Jastre Photography is located in Plainfield, Illinois.   Sarah has a home based studio where she typically shoots newborn and small children.   In the cold months she can make small family and maternity sessions work indoors as well.  In the summer months Sarah prefers to photograph her clients outdoors.   She shoots as many local parks in Plainfield, Lockport and Naperville.  To book a session with Sarah email her at

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