Cozy cocoa

March- Cozy | Sarah Jastre Photography |Plainfield, IL

Cozy…. that was the topic for this month’s photo challenge.  The other day I was sitting with my kids watching some movies.   We were snuggled in blankets, had a bowl of popcorn and some yummy hot chocolate to sip on.   As I sat there all snuggled in I realized how cozy I felt.   So, hot chocolate became the subject for this months photo challenge.  While I am looking forward to the warm summer months I have to admit that a part of me with miss being all snuggled up on the sofa having my favorite warm comfort foods!


I am part of an amazing group of photographers that are also taking part in this monthly photo challenge.  Feel free to complete the circle and check out some of their work.   Here’s the link for the ever so talented Sonia Hernandez:  My Story Photography by Sonia L. Hernandez

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