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Newborn Twins- W & A| Sarah Jastre Photography | Plainfield, Il

I recently had the joy of photographing sweet newborn twin boys in the studio.  Weston and Andrew arrived about 2 months early so we were anxiously awaiting them to get home from the hospital to do their session.  I swear these newborn twins made me earn my money during this session.  They were sweet as can be, very hungry and liked to tag team on who was going to be cranky.   I would get one of them calm and all set for pics and then the other would want food and attention.  It seemed like the next setup was the opposite baby causing problems.  Even though the session was a bit longer than my typical session and I had to work a little harder I’m confident we still got some amazing shots.   I am so glad and blessed that I was able to capture these shots for this sweet family.   I can only imagine the fun this family is going to have in the next few years.   There will be laughter, scrapes, tears and lots of snuggles I’m sure.

weston and andrew twin blog

Sarah Jastre Photography is located in Plainfield, Illinois.   Sarah has a home based studio where she typically shoots newborn and small children.   In the cold months she can make small family and maternity sessions work indoors as well.  In the summer months Sarah prefers to photograph her clients outdoors.   She shoots as many local parks in Plainfield, Lockport and Naperville.  To book a session with Sarah email her at

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