Jace 6 Month Pictures

Jace 6 Months | Plainfield Baby Photography

Gosh I love photographing sweet baby Jace.  I was so excited to see Jace for his 6 month portraits.   There’s something about six months.   I can’t believe how big he’s gotten since his newborn and three month portraits! Six months seems to be the age where the little one’s personalities really start to emerge.   I love seeing the changes in their personality, their smiles, their attempts at sitting up and all of their chubby baby rolls.  Seriously, look below and check out those 6 month baby rolls.   I bet they will be even better at his next session!  Seeing Jace over the course of his first year is extra special because I photographed his big brother for his first year as well!   I gotta say it’s pretty cool to be able to see both of them change over time.  Jace’s family is one of my favorite families.  They are a fun family and that radiates in their portraits.  We lucked out for their session and had great weather.  It’s been so hot and humid or raining lately that I was so happy to have a perfect day for portraits.  We were lucky to not run into too many bugs either!  Sweet little Jace was a perfect model for his portraits and such a champ even though it was almost time for his dinner!  Can’t wait to see him at his nine month photos.   Nine months is always my favorite sessions to shoot over the course of baby’s first year!  Jace 6 Months


Sarah Jastre Photography is based out of Plainfield, Illinois.  We shoot primarily in the Plainfield and surrounding areas.   We are so lucky to photograph so many amazing clients over the past few years.   Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!!   Feel free to check out other blog posts to see more portraits and to learn more about the amazing clients we have!

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